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    “Follow God” is another driving song, and an oasis of humility in the blustery media storm surrounding Jesus Is King. It’s a word about how hard it is to ditch your ego and heed the wisdom of your elders, to retrain your brain to be in service to others. This is the message we needed to hear from Kanye this year, but what we’re getting is nuclear-grade pomposity and snark about social media, as if the apps are this planet’s biggest psychological poison when really, it’s the people running the accounts. It’s easy when you have a record label, a television show, a clothing brand, a sneaker line, and a multimedia content farm to say, “Get off social media.” You don’t need it anymore. People trying to come up still do. A wise minister tailors his message to his audience. These days, the audience Kanye is speaking for is Kanye. It’s heartening to see Ye turning ideas about service around in his head, but when the other news of the day is that he may or may not be considering adding “Christian Genius Billionaire” to his name, you wonder if the man who wrote “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and produced “Never Change” is too set in his ways.

    So off  His Jesus Is Lord Album, Follow God

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    Kanye West
    Follow God
    Kanye WestFollow God
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